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our story

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Great Spices!
With a Great Story!
For a Great Cause!

our story

Introducing FIREHOUSE CHILIFIRE. Our fiery flavors come from our family recipes that have been crafted over the years feeding firefighters and first responders at firehouses, Super Bowl parties, and barbecues. Every jar of Firehouse Chilifire is a celebration of family and friends and for those who keep us safe. We are proud to bring a little bit of our traditions to your table.

We are local Eureka, Missouri spice artisans who have created a series of spices that are sure to set your taste buds ablaze. We are inspiring chefs here and across the country with our zesty spice blends.

I am Jennifer Dahm, proud firefighter wife and Co-owner along with my husband and firefighter/EMT, Captain Charlie Dahm of Firehouse Chilifire. Charlie has been serving our community for 40 plus years. After all these years, he still loves his job regardless of the sacrifices it requires. He is one of those few who knew as a small child that this was his calling.

It hasn't always been easy as a first responder. There have been many long days and nights filled with tragedy and sadness. Yet, it’s from those times that it can be said that the firehouse becomes your second home, your second family. These are the people you learn to count on, the people you trust with your life, the people you sit down to eat with. In these moments some of the greatest friendships and recipes evolve. 

In addition to our day jobs, and our new Firehouse Chilifire venture, Charlie and I sit on the executive team for Guns ’N Hoses which is one of the premier fundraising organizations in the St. Louis area and has raised over $12 million to date. All of the Guns ‘N Hoses proceeds go to support The BackStoppers; an organization that provides for the families of first responders who have been catastrophically injured or have lost their lives in the line of duty.

So, what does this have to do with Firehouse Chilifire? Well, Covid hit. The world shut down for the most part. Life changed and we were all left with the daunting task of trying to figure a way out of this colossal tragedy. Donations to Guns ‘N Hoses were seriously affected as the world turned toward finding a cure. I had some down time and spent most of it contemplating this new reality.

And then, my dad died. Life changed in a moment. My dad was my champion.

So again, what does this have to do with Firehouse Chilifire? Well, I learned a short while later that my dad left me with a little bit of money. However, he had one request, which was that I do something good with it.  So, we decided to put our spices into production, take them to market, and give a portion of the proceeds back to our first responders. 


I think this is what he had in mind.

Great Spices, With A Great Story, For a Great Cause!

Thank you for your time to read our story.

Hope you ENJOY our spices!

Captain Charlie and Jennifer Dahm

Firehouse Chilifire

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thank you

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